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Winning Design eBook

A while back I told you about my favorite NXT book, Winning Design! LEGO Mindstorms NXT by James Trobaugh.   I noticed today that I could purchase the eBook version  (pdf) from ( for $10 since I already owned a paperback

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Techbrick Body Forward Resources

Body Forward Field Mat w/Robot Path Just wanted to let you all know that Techbrick (a Maryland robotics club) has added some resources to their website ( One of our favorites is the image of the mat.  We use it to plan

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RobotC Resources

Interested in learning RobotC?  RobotC is easy to use and versatile. You can put it on an NXT, use it in VEX, and I believe FTC too. You’ll learn a lot about programming that will help you when learning other

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Using a Test Bed to Learn about the NXT

We do robot demonstrations to share our passion of robotics with others.  For a recent demo we created a couple of “test beds” to demonstrate some of what you can do with an NXT. Sometimes it is difficult to easily

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Another GREAT Book!

Looking for great tips and advice for your VEX or FTC robotics team?  Check this book out!  It is GREAT!   FTC Robotics: Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Secrets. It is only $8.63 at  Click here to “look inside” on

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Starting an FLL Team

Do you have a child (age 9-14) who might enjoy robotics? If so FIRST LEGO League might be for you!  If you can’t find a team in your area to join, I suggest that you start your own team.   You

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Suggestions on Starting a High School Robotics Team

Thinking of starting a high school robotics team?  Here are some suggestions to help you get started.  First Steps1. Set a team goal of participating in 2 robotics tournaments. (Multiple tournaments encourage design process – lots of learning takes place

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It’s Amazing What Kids Can Do!

I recently got a new phone.   It’s an Android.   So far, I really like it.  I use Google products on my PC and so this phone feels familiar.  I am in my late 40s and often appreciate not having to

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I ran across these videos on testing at the Consumer Reports website.   You might want to show these videos to kids to demonstrate how testing is used in the real world.  Perhaps these videos would encourage them to test and

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My Favorite NXT Books

I recently added a new book to my library of NXT books.  It’s called “Winning Design! Lego Mindstorms NXT Design Patterns for Fun and Competition” by James J. Trobaugh.   We have just finished our 5th year of FLL.  This book

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