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FIRST LEGO League Volunteers

David and Andrew Norton Volunteer at FLL Tournament

Andrew and David Norton volunteered at the FLL Tournament on November 9, 2013 in Lynchburg, Virginia.   David was a Technical Design Judge and Andrew was a Referee.

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Line Following Tutorial Videos for FLL


When you look for FLL robot videos on YouTube, you will often find that the world’s “best” robots often make use of the light/color sensor.  These robots also tend to make some use of line following.  Line following is an

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Judging at the Lynchburg Tournament

It was a bit strange this year attending the Lynchburg regional FLL tournament on November 12 without bringing our robot, pit display and research materials.  This was the first year since we started FLL in 2006 that we didn’t have

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Techbrick Body Forward Resources

Body Forward Field Mat w/Robot Path Just wanted to let you all know that Techbrick (a Maryland robotics club) has added some resources to their website ( One of our favorites is the image of the mat.  We use it to plan

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Starting an FLL Team

Do you have a child (age 9-14) who might enjoy robotics? If so FIRST LEGO League might be for you!  If you can’t find a team in your area to join, I suggest that you start your own team.   You

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My Favorite NXT Books

I recently added a new book to my library of NXT books.  It’s called “Winning Design! Lego Mindstorms NXT Design Patterns for Fun and Competition” by James J. Trobaugh.   We have just finished our 5th year of FLL.  This book

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Is Repeatability in FLL Important??

In FLL the work of getting a robot to do what you want is often difficult. It takes longer than we might first expect. We are used to seeing videos of robots that work. What we don’t see is what

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Get Ready for FIRST LEGO League

Here are a few ideas for preparing kids to participate in the FIRST LEGO League competition.  These are not required for FLL, but would help to prepare kids and perhaps enable them to get more out of the FLL experience.   1.  Gain experience building with LEGO

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Team Registration – 2010

We have just registared our FLL team for the 2010 Body Forward Challenge! We completed registration seven minutes after it opened at noon, and got team number 12. This is going to be a great season!We can’t wait for the

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State Championship

Our FLL team, Nosco Mechanicus, competed at the VA/DC State Championship on December 5 and 6. Although we did not win anything, we had a great time, proving that the experience is fun, not just winning. We congratulate team Vector

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