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Techbrick Body Forward Resources

Body Forward Field Mat w/Robot Path Just wanted to let you all know that Techbrick (a Maryland robotics club) has added some resources to their website ( One of our favorites is the image of the mat.  We use it to plan

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The New Cool

I recently read the book The New Cool, by Neal Bascomb. The book relates the experiences of three FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams during the 2009 Lunacy game. It primarily focuses on team number 1717, the D’Penguineers, but mentions the

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Suggestions on Starting a High School Robotics Team

Thinking of starting a high school robotics team?  Here are some suggestions to help you get started.  First Steps1. Set a team goal of participating in 2 robotics tournaments. (Multiple tournaments encourage design process – lots of learning takes place

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Visiting the FIRST Robotics World Championship

My family had the privilege of visiting the FIRST Robotics World Festival in April. It is a great experience for anyone interested in robotics. There is much to do, even if you are not competing. See our pictures by clicking

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