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Andrew Presents at Roanoke Robotics Meeting

Roanoke Robotics Meeting January 2014

Andrew gave a presentation on VEX at the Roanoke Robotics Meeting on Saturday, January 4, 2014.   He gave an introduction to the VEX kit and competitions.  The purpose of the presentation was to provide  background information to those who

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Eagle Project: VEX Workshop

Andrew, a RoboDesigners team member, recently completed his Eagle Scout service project by coordinating and leading a VEX Robotics workshop for Lynchburg area VEX teams. We had many groups represented, including a community team, multiple teams from Bedford County Public

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Judging at the Lynchburg Tournament

It was a bit strange this year attending the Lynchburg regional FLL tournament on November 12 without bringing our robot, pit display and research materials.  This was the first year since we started FLL in 2006 that we didn’t have

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Reflections on the Coaches’ Workshop

The CW is always a tricky thing to prepare for since the audience is so varied.  There are new people and experienced people.  There are school teachers and parents, as well as technical people and those that are not technical. 

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Future Focus Expo 2010

This morning I am a bit more tired than usual… a little sore and stiff. Yesterday our family spent all day (10am-9pm) at the Future Focus Expo telling others about First Lego League and the LEGO NXT. This event wore

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Volunteering in Maryland

At the close of the 2009 Virginia and D.C. FIRST LEGO League season, my family found an opportunity to volunteer at the state competition in Maryland. We used to live in Maryland, and had been involved in FIRST LEGO League

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