RoboDesigners Takes 2nd at College Robotics Competition

VWCC Team RoboDesigners with 2nd Place AwardA RoboDesigners team came in 2nd Place in the collegiate division of the Virginia Western Community College (VWCC) Autonomous Robot Competition on December 14, 2013.

The competition has three parts: a written technical report, a presentation to a panel of judges, and how well the robot performed this year’s challenge.  The challenge is based upon the ASEE Model Design Competition.  This year, robots compete by completing as many laps as possible around a 12ft by 4ft track while staying under a time constraint.


Robot CAD Model

Each team received four attempts to score points; the first two attempts were on an open track and the time limit was one minute, but obstacles were placed on the track for the last two attempts (the time limit was raised to 75 seconds for these attempts).

Many teams at the competition attempted to follow the dashed line marking the center of the track.  However, to save time and increase reliability, RoboDesigners opted to design a wall-following robot.  A video of a test run of the robot can be seen below.  Pictures from the entire season can be viewed on our Google+ album.


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