Line Following Tutorial Videos for FLL

When you look for FLL robot videos on YouTube, you will often find that the world’s “best” robots often make use of the light/color sensor.  These robots also tend to make some use of line following.  Line following is an important skill to learn and understand.  Thus, I have recorded some videos explaining the basic concepts of line following, as well as delving into a more complex line following routine.

If you are learning to follow lines for the first time, I suggest that you just watch the first two parts to my series and get comfortable with that style of line following.  If you already have experience, or if you totally grasp the basic line following, watch the next two parts.

In the second video, I show an example of the two-state/basic line follower.  I want to note that the power level I selected is NOT optimum.  There are other power levels that will perform better.  The same is true for the program in the fourth video–other values for the constant (Kp) will work better.  Thus, experiment! :-)

The third and fourth videos use a proportional control loop to follow the line.  This basically means that the robot turns towards the line’s edge faster if it’s further from it.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:


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