Judging at the Lynchburg Tournament

It was a bit strange this year attending the Lynchburg regional FLL tournament on November 12 without bringing our robot, pit display and research materials.  This was the first year since we started FLL in 2006 that we didn’t have a team.  This year we served as judges for the event and we had a great time!

You get a very different perspective of the tournament when you are sitting in a judging room for most of the day.  This was the first year we didn’t hear the robot tournament music!  After meeting with 20 plus teams, we went to the deliberation room, to determine the award winners.  When we were done, the tournament was practically over.  We were happy and exhausted!

As a Technical Design Judge, I got to see all the Division 1 teams’ robots.  There were many similarities in the teams, especially in what the kids would say.  Most felt like their robots weren’t finished or weren’t working as desired just yet.  I was encouraged by the all the teams’ creativity, presentations skills, and knowledge.  I saw lots of budding engineers!

It was very encouraging  to see the coaches who attended the workshop only 10 short weeks ago.  I was just as proud of the coaches as the teams.  Many first time coaches are often overwhelmed with all the details of coaching a team — and you all did great!  I was happy to see smiles on everyone’s faces!  Congratulations on surviving your first season!  It definitely much easier after the first year!

The Lynchburg regional FLL tournament is the largest in Virginia.  I’d be willing to bet that it is also the best run and the most fun!  This community really has a lot going right.  The vision of the Region 2000 Technology Council and CVCC is planting seeds for tomorrow’s success.  There is a spirit of cooperation and caring that you don’t find everywhere.  I’m already looking forward to next year!  ~Cari

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