Techbrick Body Forward Resources

Body Forward Field Mat w/Robot Path

Just wanted to let you all know that Techbrick (a Maryland robotics club) has added some resources to their website (

One of our favorites is the image of the mat.  We use it to plan the robot’s paths.  Sometimes we laminate it and use wet erase pens to draw the paths.  Other times we have copied it into Microsoft’s OneNote (a great application!)and draw our paths on the image using colored markers in that application.  We copy it multiple times and have an image for each robot run.  Using OneNote we can save our work and print it if desired.  OneNote is like having an electronic notebook with tabs and pages within each tab.  It has a clipping feature that lets you clip things from the web – great for saving research info.  It adds the URL under the clipping so you can remember where it came from.
After the challenge is released, Techbrick usually publishes a score sheet, which we have found helpful.  This, too, we have laminated for reuse.  It sums up the missions nicely all on one page with pictures of the mission models.  So check  in September for that item.  Also, check back here too, for more tips!
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