RobotC Resources

Interested in learning RobotC?  RobotC is easy to use and versatile. You can put it on an NXT, use it in VEX, and I believe FTC too. You’ll learn a lot about programming that will help you when learning other languages.  Get more information about RobotC  at, including how to download a free trial verison of RobotC.

So if you are interested in learning RobotC I have 4 items that may be of interest.

1. Learn RobotC online for free using Virtual World.  Doing it this way, you don’t even need a robot!

2. Check out, Programming with Robots, which is a pdf file.  It was written by Albert W. Shueller of Whitman College.  It is a tutorial with clear explanations and exercises.  Be sure to note the footnotes that contain links to additional information. (No answers to the exercises, however).

3.  Another great resource is CMU Robotics Academy’s RobotC Curriculum.  If you were to purchase it, it would cost $269, but you can access most of it, if not all, online.   Carnegie Mellon does a great job explaining programming.  Their use of videos makes learning fun and easy.  Click on the red buttons along the top to get started.

4. Last, but not least, use the RobotC forum if you need help.  Remember to search the forum, before posting your question.


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