My Favorite NXT Books

I recently added a new book to my library of NXT books.  It’s called “Winning Design! Lego Mindstorms NXT Design Patterns for Fun and Competition” by James J. Trobaugh.   We have just finished our 5th year of FLL.  This book explains what it took us 5 years to learn… actually it covers more!  If you’ve wanted to know what the winning teams know, this book will tell you.

 Another book that I like a lot is, “Preparing Your Team for FIRST LEGO League” by K. K. Quah.  This book tells you how to help your team improve their skills in the off season.  The author provides material for a week long camp. This book has a lot of good ideas that have helped our team.  This book can be purchased at Lego Education.

For more great resources check out our FLL Resources page on our website.  Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel.  I just uploaded some tutorials (by others) on how to use LABView to program your NXT.

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