Future Focus Expo 2010

This morning I am a bit more tired than usual… a little sore and stiff. Yesterday our family spent all day (10am-9pm) at the Future Focus Expo telling others about First Lego League and the LEGO NXT. This event wore me out physically, but it was so uplifting, satisfying, encouraging, that I felt compelled to write about it here.

Above all, I am thankful for the leadership in the Lynchburg area. I think of leadership as being the structure and framework that allows people within it to be effective and productive. Leadership is also about having a vision of the future, while working and planning today to bring about a better tomorrow. I see that kind of leadership in Lynchburg by the Region 2000 Technology Council. The Expo yesterday is one example of how they provide the structure and framework for much to be accomplished. All who attended (students, teachers, parents, employers) were enabled to think about our future and what steps we can do now to prepare.

It was very cool to see the partnerships and cooperation of businesses working together in the area towards a common goal. This successful event was a result of many working together. A great picture of teamwork! The opportunity to network with the other exhibitors I’m sure will bring about more good things. It was encouraging to talk with others excited about technology, education and young people.

I must say that I was also thankful for the use of the facility. There are often times I have to find a meeting place for a group– and it’s not always easy to do. The facility was perfect for handling the large number of people. The existence of this facility is also result of leadership and vision. Many people worked hard and still do, so that we could meet and be productive in that facility yesterday. I appreciated this yesterday, however often I take things like this for granted.

Lynchburg is a community that cares. I am thankful for the sponsors and exhibitors, who work hard enough to have extra left over, and then decide to invest that back into the community, the children, and our future. I told my kids that we received the benefit of other peoples’ labor yesterday. There were lots of people there yesterday who were sharing with others. These were people who care. They care about their work, their community, the children, our country and our future. This also includes the attendees who were made up of parents and teachers who care. I believe the kids sense that caring and that it will make a difference in their lives.

My kids learned so much by going around and talking to the exhibitors. They had a great time. This event provided ideas and possibilities enabling them to create a vision for their future. They were encouraged, treated with respect, and appreciated. Excited about all they heard and saw, I expect they’ll have renewed interest in their studies. As mentioned earlier, we were at the FIRST LEGO League booth. My boys prepared a cool robot demonstration for the event. (A remote controlled forklift, with the remote working like a Wii remote due to the accelerometer). I helped them connect the dots… What you learn impacts what you can do, and colleges and employers will value and appreciate it. Studying and hard work is an investment for which there will be a payback later. They experienced some of the payback yesterday. The attention and interest in their work encouraged them. Thank you all who stopped by and encouraged us!

I saw yesterday people who care about our country, the future, our kids, and our community. I saw people who value education and technology. I saw people who are actively working to create a skilled workforce for tomorrow… not leaving it to chance but actively working and investing in the future

So even though I am achy this morning… I feel great! :)

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