Using the VEX LCD with the Arduino

Have you ever needed an easy way to display output from your Arduino?  Sure, it is possible to use the serial monitor when the robot is connected, or to use a blinking LED, but those options don’t always work well. 
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ROBOTC Pointers and Stacks Tutorial

Xander over at has written up an excellent tutorial on using pointers in ROBOTC.  This is a great help, especially for programmers like myself who have not (yet) learned C or C++ and pointer usage. He has also written
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ROBOTC: Functions

I recently responded to a question about subroutines on the VEX Forum.  I wrote up a fairly detailed response, so I decided to turn it into a blog post. Oftentimes, in programming, we come across situations where we need to
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Arrays in ROBOTC

I’ve seen multiple people ask how arrays work in ROBOTC, so I thought I’d write a post about arrays.  Note: I’m going to be describing several routines here that require a knowledge of loops.  Loops are, in general, something that
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Selecting Autonomous with LCD (ROBOTC)

One of the great features of the VEX LCD screen is that it can be used to select multiple autonomous modes.  However, figuring out how to do so appears to stump many programmers.  In this post, I’ll explain how to
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In an older post, I reviewed the VEX LCD and provided some uses for it.  Now I will explain some of the commands to program the VEX LCD with ROBOTC. Port SetupTo tell ROBOTC which port the LCD is plugged
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The Single Driver Advantage

At the last tournament I competed in, a coach of another team approached me and mentioned that he was impressed that my robot required only one driver.  Although using only one driver for your VEX robot may seem difficult, it
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The VEX Robotics system requires much more time and effort to build with than LEGO Mindstorms.  Breaking parts is also much more expensive.  As such, planning what you want to build is important.  CAD software, such as Autodesk Inventor and
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What is the VEX LCD, and why should I use it?The VEX LCD is a two line text screen that can display 16 characters per line.  It also has three buttons for user input.  The LCD connects to one of
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A basic control loop for VEX robots

A common task in VEX competitions is to hold an arm at a specified height. However, due to the weight of most robot arms, the programmer can’t just tell the motor power level to go to zero – the arm
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